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“The last thing I thought was that it was anything to do with my heart. I had no risk factors, no family history of heart disease and exercised regularly.”

Michael Allford is not your typical heart patient. And like many others, he didn’t know that heart disease is still the biggest killer of Australians.

You can change this! With your support this Heart Month, together we can continue fighting heart disease.

At Australian Heart Research we are funding leading world-class medical research and programs to protect your family from heart disease. Sadly, 23 people die every day from a heart attack. We need your help to change that.


As a fit and healthy 56-year-old Michael thought the pain in his chest was from a muscle pulled at the gym. He was wrong. He had a severely blocked artery that required an immediate bypass.

Thanks to excellent care informed by world-class research, he’s walking proof you can bounce back from heart surgery and live a full and active life.

This is only possible thanks to research. Research that needs to continue until we beat this awful disease. Research that urgently needs your support.

“I had a heap of tests and then saw a cardiologist. He recommended an angiogram where they inject dye into the bloodstream to see what happens, and it showed I had a blockage in my left anterior descending artery and would require a bypass.”

The requirement of a bypass was a real shock to Michael, who ate well and exercised regularly.

Research funded through Australian Heart Research hopes to further inform doctors about why and how these more unusual cases happen. This research is only made possible through donations from kind people like you. Will you give to this crucial cause today?

“I had a single bypass which was a two-hour operation to replace the artery with a mammary artery. A stent wasn’t an option for me. I received the very best of care and I’ve barely had an issue since.”

Michael now receives excellent follow-up care from the cardiology team at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where clinicians utilise a translational “bench to bedside” research funded by Australian Heart Research, with the aim to deliver benefits to patients as quickly as possible.

Your support can help us continue to support research so that together we can ensure that cardiovascular disease ceases to be the number one killer of Australians.

“Funding is absolutely crucial otherwise we cannot keep conducting our research that will help Australians and those around the world,” says Dr Jeroen Hendriks, Cardiology Researcher.

A donation today can help us to progress research and help even more people. This could include your family or your friends, or maybe even you.

Thank you for your kind donation this Heart Month. You are saving lives.









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